VU Panel Meter – Audio Power Amplifier, Indicator DB Table Level Header with Back light


VU Meter DB Level Header – Audio Preamp or Power Amplifier for Chassis. Twin LED Backlight.

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A volume unit (VU) meter or standard volume indicator (SVI) is a device displaying a representation of the signal level in audio equipment.

Pointers Material:Zinc white copper
Pointer color:orange
The direction of the pointer swing : left to right
Pointer length :  44± 1 mm from the center axis to the needle end
Pointer width :  0.45 ± 0.05 mm
Overall Size:90mm(L) x 70mm(H)
Display Area:80mm(L) x 45mm (H)


*Standard test conditions temperature: 20 ℃, humidity 70% . Can also be tested under normal temperature and humidity
*The influenza degree pointer at the zero scale to the maximum scale sensitivity of 300uA ± 10% (full scale position) internal impedance :800Ω ± 10%
*Insulation impedance meter outside the box plus the electrical circuit with 500V DC plus 50M ohm meter shell
*Electrical insulation of the circuit impedance is 500V DC voltage test of the insulation value. Pointer to overlap with the zero-scale tolerance of ± 1mm balanced meter using a standard position and tilt 90 degrees to allow the error range of ± 1mm
*pointer to mount the current instant plus three times the full scale current, and slowly reduced to the the electric influenz degree 1/2 reading,
*The pointer will return to the scale plate within 1/3 scale friction meter coupled with the current, and slowly increase or decrease to a certain value, indicating the point of error range of ± 1mm,brake instantly plus scale plate 2/3 of the current value of the pointer indicates the location of the time required for a second or less.

Package Included:

1x TN-90A VU Panel Meter


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