Dual Channel DRV134 Unbalanced to Balance Board


DRV134 unbalanced to balance module

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DRV134 unbalanced to balance board use for Balanced input power amplifier board


The unbalanced balance board designed by BB’s enthusiast DRV134 chip can be used to match the differential input (balanced input) power amplifier board, or it can be used as a two-channel power amplifier board to change the BTL output. The power supply part adopts LM317+LM337 adjustable regulated power supply, and uses 4 3300uf imported filter capacitors to ensure stable performance.

Working voltage:

  • AC dual 5v-16v
  • DC dual 7v-24v
  • Size:90*50mm


The power supply defaults to about 12v.It is suitable for use with dual 12v transformers. If other voltage transformers are used, the output voltage on the board can be adjusted properly. Cap removed, so as to avoid voltage asymmetry burnout DRV134 chip), how many volts transformer is generally used, the voltage is adjusted to how many volts, adjust the test point: one test lead is connected to GND, another test lead is connected to the jumper

Do not want to adjust this voltage, directly with dual 12v-15v transformer power supply

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