TA7318P VU PCB Driver for Analogue VU Meters


TA7318P Pre-Amp PCB Driver Board VU Header Meter db Level VU Meter Driver Board

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*NOTE – Due to our vendor, we never know which version we receive. They both use the same TA7381P Chip, performing identically.

Original TA-7318P driver circuit is an upgraded version of the new drive head of the table better, hands swinging rapidly, responsive,
And the basis of progress in the 7318 circuit Step increases the drive signal
Can drive the header of the past, the 7318 circuit can not drive, an upgraded version has been increased
To a wide range of regulator circuit, the performance is more stable, the original original layout follows the
Original classic design style, beautiful appearance, compact and practical!


Instructions for use:
1. signal input:
There are two signal input methods provided by driver board, depending on your situation,
(Hint: If the volume potentiometer Side to take the back-end, or the amplifier output
Signal pointer swing is controlled by the volume potentiometer, that is the volume pointer swing and the
Volume small pointer swing.

(1) LOW, GND, LOW: this is driven plate LOW level signals input terminals, used to refute meet CD machine,
Computer sound card, the former stage, such as audio source equipment audio signal, wiring LOW, when
GND, LOW corresponding: left, and right sound channel can be.
(Driving plate on the two potentiometer, whose hands can adjust the swing size, such as signal full swing
Open, pointer is not up to your expectations, but will drive on the board, R3 resistance take out, R2 R2, R3,
Is used to drive the board meet high level when the input signal to the earth of resistance in use, only
Attenuation can be used, because can not make sure you specific use which kinds of signal
Input methods, so the R2, finished product drive board is welded, R3 resistance welding, tear down than up
More more, after all, is not all people have welding equipment, ha ha, which, of course, belong to and
Special circumstances, usually is not removed!)

(2) HIGH, GND, HIGH: this is the driver board HIGH level signal input terminals, used to pick up after borne
Power amplifier by by signal signal, driven plate with attenuation circuit, will the power output of
The HIGH strength level to drive after attenuation IC, attenuation circuit contains just mentioned and R3
Resistance R2, connection borne power amplifier output terminals, drive the board two HIGH terminal, by
Two of the power amplifier were red terminals, the two black borne power amplifier terminals, choose which
Any one by driving the GND terminal board can.

2. The driver output:
V +, V-terminal: this is driven plate for the multiplier backlighting, with the two groups of 12 V power supply output
Terminals backlighting, pay attention to the connection of the light source voltage and matching headers are aligned to.
+, – terminal: this is to drive the multiplier output terminal board drive, respectively, then in two level table “+” and ”
“Terminal, the connection to the attention of anode.

3. The power supply parameters:
Working voltage: AC / DC 12-15 V AC / DC amphibious wide working voltage range (recommended independent power
Transformer, or independent power supply, such as as its winding with the original audio system share power transformer,
May cause driven plate IC damage or audio system fault!)
The power rating: 3W

Package Included:

1x TA7318P VU Panel Meter Driver Board


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