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General Enquires for the “GSJ Amplifier Case”

A general enquires came in asking “if and what modules can be used”. For example, Stefan from Canada wanted to know if the “GSJ Amplifer Case” could house & become a 4 channel amp using parts he’s already acquired.

Part list Stefan provided –

Luckily in this day and age computers are efficient at construction management. This means using Computer Aided Design “CAD”, all the parts can be arranged to verify what’s possible. Most Vendors provide the relevant files for their components as CAD files (.STEP), Hypex is one such brand who offer this.

Example of the CAD model. “This may take time to load”

Back to Stefan, as you can see, everything fits. However, additional machining for source terminals would be required as this is 4 channels. In addition to this, a new Aluminium plate would be needed to act as a heat sink for the SMPS.

So no major changes, just a pillar drill.

We would like to thank Sami at Micro-Audio for providing the Step files. Nice chap and quick to response via email. Keep up the good Work.

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