About us

Solid State Audio Equipment” is an online store aimed for the DIY Audio community specialising in Hi-fi amplifiers & components. All our products have been hand-picked and are especially based around our personally designed amplifier chassis.


The interchangeable amplifier design originated from various conversations on online forums. One topic which kept springing up was how to upgrade components, without changing or destroying the original chassis.

Discussions pursued over time & the modular design was born. As such those with projects building amplifiers all had different specifications. Some were building active speakers, others, stereo amps as well as multi-channel for the home cinema. So what works for one didn’t apply to the others.

The principle criteria are:

  • It has to be simple to construct. For instance, allowing everyone from all backgrounds & technical skillsets to be able to assemble our amplifiers. Be it with or without advance experience in electronics or advanced machining.
  • Eliminating “planned obsolescence”, it has to last. As my father always said, “buy cheap, buy twice”. The GSJ Amplifier cases are machined aluminium, not pressed or punched steel. The core design is classic yet bold and has some advantage over existing constructions by allowing component swapping with ease.
  • Customisation was a must. Everyone has different specifications and budgets. Some of you may want to incorporate new applications: media streaming home cinema or multi-channel DSP, the GSJ delivers.


SS Audio Equipment offers a broad range of brands and parts. Our enclosure can be configure to your necessities, starting off as basic setup is stereo. Though over time you may wish to upgrade or expand. This could be from changing from a 2 channels amp to eight. Or by adding a DSP, upgrading from a switching power supply to linear.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.