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Solid State Audio Equipment online store not only specialises in Amplifier Enclosures, but also Auxiliary components. For example, the “GSJ amplifier case” is solid aluminium amplifier chassis, CNC’ed machined and includes a generous heat-sink. However if you need addition power supply, we have that too.

Every enclosure are capable of housing a variety of modules from various Class backgrounds, but for the passive DIY enthusiast, there’s an alternative route using the suggested Class D modules which eliminate additional machining work for tapping screws, making it the most universal amplifier chassis for the DIY market.

Our range of colours schemes is the best you’ll find online, as well as being designed around the leading brands dominating the upper reaches of the high-end.

All GSJ Amplifiers come with Volume Unit indicators and control modules as standard. This will need soldering and two resistors for each header. We recommend 1K ohm. The instructional videos online provided details of this as well as other hints and tips to help you along.

However for detailed information, go to the GSJ Amplifier Details page.

VU Meter image mounted in the Amp Chassis
VU Meter Display Header